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DeFacto Seyhan

Tepebağ Mah. Çakmak Cad. Mustafa Görür İş Merkezi No:110
Yağcami, Seyhan, Adana
Next To Ev Shop
Tel: 0322 363 1464
Call Center: 444 2715
Open Every day: 09:00 - 22:00
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DeFacto Seyhan

About DeFacto Seyhan 

In a matter of only twelve years since its foundation in 2003, DeFacto has managed to become one of the foremost retail textile companies of Turkey. From the day of its inception, the motto of DeFacto has been ‘affordable fashion brand’. Today, the company is the second largest textile retailer in Turkey with 276 stores across the country.


We have gathered momentum fast, thanks to our considerable experience in a short amount of time. Hence we felt encouraged to penetrate into foreign markets. Spurred by this enthusiasm and faith in DeFacto, we opened our first store abroad in Kazakhstan in February 2012.


We opened a design office in Barcelona in 2011, stirring in world-class designs to our affordable quality products. Our design office creates significant added value to our brand with creative marketing strategies and an innovative perspective, offering customized designs to the countries we operate in.


We have a total of 35 stores abroad including 18 in Kazakhstan, 5 in Iraq, 2 in Egypt, 4 in Belarus, 2 in Georgia, and one each in Kosovo, Morocco, Albania and Russia. We create collections reflecting the local culture and lifestyle in each of these countries. In addition to our design products, we make life easier for our customers and raise awareness in recycling with product groups such as DeFacto Inova and DeFacto Eco developed with our innovation and R&D investments.


We at DeFacto are set to maintain our position as a major player in the fashion industry in the near future as well. With the belief that our penetration into the Balkans, CIS and MENA will further enhance the growth momentum of DeFacto, we are working towards the achievement of this goal. 

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