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Kuveyt Turk - Buca Subesi

İnönü Mah. Uğur Mumcu Cad. Çevik Bir Meydanı No:92
Buca Merkez, Buca, Izmir
Tel: 0232 487 4767
Call Center: 0850 251 0123, 0850 251 3123, 444 3123, 444 0123
"Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank Inc; is the leader amoung the participation banks in Turkey thanks to its reliable capital structure and economic power." Brand(s): Sale Plus | HGS | İhtiyaç Kart | Nakit Plus | Bireysel Emeklilik Sistemi | Altın Günleri | Araç Finansmanı | Konut Finansmanı | Altın Hesabı | Katılım Emeklilik
Closed Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 17:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Gaziler Mah., 1086 Sok., Hacı Ahmet Tatari Öğrenci Yurdu, No:7, In Haci Ahmet Tatari Dormitory, Buca Merkez, Buca, Izmir
Tel: no image
Özmen Cad., No:3, In Gelato, Buca Merkez, Buca, Izmir
Tel: no image
Tınaztepe Mah., 203/40 Sok., Buca Kız Öğrenci Yurdu, No:1, In Buca Girls Dormitory, Buca Merkez, Buca, Izmir
Tel: no image
Kuveyt Turk - Buca Subesi

About Kuveyt Turk - Buca Subesi 

Kuveyt Turk was established in 1989 in the status of Private Financial Institution for the purpose of operating in accordance with the principles set by the Cabinet Decree No. 831/7506 of 16.12.1983. Operations of Private Financial Institutions were conducted by Cabinet Decrees on the one hand and communiqués of the Central Bank and the Undersecretariat of Treasury on the other hand until such operations were included within the scope of the Banking Law in 1999. In December 1999, Kuveyt Turk became subject to the Banking Law No. 4389, just like other Private Financial Institutions. The title was changed to be Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank Inc. in May 2006.

Regarding to capital of Kuveyt Turk, 62% is owned by Kuwait Finance House, 9% by the Public Institution for Social Security, 9% by the Islamic Development Bank, 18% by General Directorate for Foundations and 2% by other shareholders.

To be an institution which is committed to the principles of interest-free financial products and services, has ethical values, values customer-oriented banking and has social responsibilities.

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