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TUVTURK Arac Muayene Istasyonu - Sivas

OSB 7. Km.
Sivas Merkez, Sivas
Tel: 0850 222 8888
"Choose certainty, Add value."
Closed Monday - Saturday: 08:30 - 17:30
Sunday: Closed
Yazıbaşı Köyü, Sivas Yolu 25. Km., In Sivas Airport, Sivas Merkez, Sivas Merkez, Sivas
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Akdeğirmen Mah., Vali Varinli Cad., Sivas Ordu Evi, No:13, In Sivas Military Organizations, Sivas Merkez, Sivas Merkez, Sivas
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TUVTURK Arac Muayene Istasyonu - Sivas

About TUVTURK Arac Muayene Istasyonu - Sivas 

As the sole instution authorised for periodical vehicle inspection in Turkey, provides Periodical Motor Vehicle Inspection at international standarts with the aim to contribute to traffic and vehicle safety in Turkey.Through it's country-wide service network with 3500 employees in 197 test stations, 3 motorcycle and 73 mobile test stations, performs yearly around 6 million periodical and Roadworthiness Inspection, around 1 million Exhaust Gas Emission test. Together with free of charge services like re-inspection and Detection total inspection number reaches to 10 million.

TÜVTÜRK was established in 2005 with the purpose of offering vehicle inspection services in international standards overall in Turkey; it started its activities on August 15, 2007 with the concession contract that was undersigned with the Ministry of Transportation of the Turkish Republic and the Presidency of Prime Ministry Privatization Administration of the Turkish Republic.

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